VirtuMedix For Payers

Substitution of telehealth for brick & mortar encounters creates savings for health plans and members. VirtuMedix has partnered with national telehealth provider networks to provide coverage in all states.

Bridging a Gap

For members on high deductible health plans, telehealth provides access at an inexpensive price point, and the substitution for emergency and urgent care mitigates the out-of-pocket cost.

Convenient Care

Patient satisfaction rates for telehealth are extremely high which is attributed very short wait times. Using the unique capacity planning algorithm and real-time tracking board in VirtuMedix, providers can manage spikes in volume to avoid excessive wait times. On average, patients are seen in roughly 10 minutes of initiating demand for a consult.

Member Follow-up Care

Many members using traditional health services do not get the recommended follow-up care which contributes to further utilization and higher cost. Follow-up programs to initiate a telehealth consult can be targeted to patient populations. Using the VirtuMedix interactive two-way text messaging feature, the outreach process can be automated to generate further savings to health plans.

Innovation through Collaborative Care

Multidisciplinary provider groups can operate on VirtuMedix simultaneously. Collaboration enables innovation in population health initiatives using telehealth.