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VirtuMedix® offers a highly-reliable and secure telehealth platform for practitioners and caregivers to provide virtual health services to patients anytime, anywhere and from any device.

For Providers

Practitioners and caregivers can achieve more personalized patient reach with our advanced telehealth solution. VirtuMedix can provide easy access for follow-ups and monitoring with this patient-centric system focused on value.

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For Payers

Hospitals, health plans and companies deploying VirtuMedix can rest assured that their members have access to a cost effective secure platform that can increase operational efficiencies, reduce member costs, and improve patient satisfaction.

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For Patients

VirtuMedix enables immediate mobile medical care to patients from their home, office or even when traveling. It helps patients avoid long waits in hospitals or other urgent care clinics and without utilizing expensive medical venues like the emergency rooms.

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The Platform

VirtuMedix—the leading telehealth solution—helps patients and caregivers alike.

With the massive shift to high deductible health plans, patients need affordable options for health services.

VirtuMedix® is a leading edge telehealth platform that enhances the patient-physician consultation experience. It allows doctors and other caregivers to virtually interact with their patients either on a mobile device, a web portal, or telephone.

VirtuMedix integrates with your electronic medical record and practice management system.  Additionally, data from home monitoring devices, health apps and wearables can be easily presented during consultations using VirtuMedix.

The workflows within the VirtuMedix system are highly automated to enable providers to document encounters and send patients’ treatment plans, work/school notes, supplemental educational materials, and personalized discharge instructions.

These features, coupled with our simple user interface, offer clinicians and patients an unparalleled ability not only to engage in virtual consultations, but to do so from any device from any place.

Why VirtuMedix?

VirtuMedix offers a highly reliable and secure platform for practitioners and caregivers to provide virtual health services to patients anytime, anywhere and from any device. The VirtuMedix platform's advanced features provide distinct benefits to patients, practitioners, health systems and health plans.

  • Telemedicine, just like every aspect of healthcare technology, is a business, and the financial benefits can't be ignored.
    - Information Week
  • What started out as a way for people in rural areas to gain access to the expertise found in big-city hospitals, telemedicine has become a way to extend services and improve efficiency at the same time.
    - US News & World Report
  • The amount of information that you can gather in a telemedicine consultation is typically much richer than what you can gather from a telephone conversation.
    - Dr. Alejandro J. Lopez-Magallon, Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh
  • This isn’t just the future … Telehealth is happening, and it has been for a while.
    - Mobihealth News
  • If you take away the need to drive traffic to your brick-and-mortar location, you gain the ability to become much more efficient. Virtual follow-ups can go a long way to reducing overall costs in the industry.
    - US News & World Report

Stay Competitive

National telehealth networks are aggressively moving into local healthcare markets and seeing patients.


Capture New Revenue Opportunities

Employer-sponsored health insurance has dramatically shifted to high deductible plans, and human resource managers are adding telehealth benefits to bridge a cost gap for their employees.


Streamlined Clinical Workflows

Clinicians can easily document their patient encounters and discharge information using VirtuMedix clinician tools and templates.


Effectively Manage Patient Demand to Maximize Satisfaction Rates

Using the unique capacity planning algorithm and real-time tracking board in VirtuMedix, providers can manage spikes in volume to avoid excessive wait times.


Manage Chronic Patient Populations

For chronic patient populations, remote monitoring with VirtuMedix can avoid the use of emergency rooms and prevent hospitalizations.


Improved Patient Compliance

Patients can connect an activity tracker or consumer medical device to their VirtuMedix profiles allowing clinicians to have access to health data such as daily activity level, blood pressure, heart rate, and weight.


Drive Patient Engagement

As a society obsessed with our mobile devices, leverage this phenomenon to engage patients with convenient delivery of telehealth services.


Collaborative Care

Multiple provider brands can be operated on a single instance of VirtuMedix which creates innovative opportunities around value-based initiatives.


A More Educated Patient Population

Patients with high deductible health plans will become more prudent healthcare consumers, and when telehealth is substituted for higher priced access points, the patient saves their money.


Increased Patient Access to Medical Services

Patients can access medical services any time and from any location via VirtuMedix web portal, mobile app or simply with a phone call. It’s better connected healthcare.

Customer Care

Customer support with VirtuMedix is 24/7/365


Increase Return on Investment

Your VirtuMedix CAM will help drive attainment of your business goals by leveraging proven best practices and maximizing ROI of your VirtuMedix platform throughout its lifecycle.


Mitigate Risk

Our VirtuMedix experts work to understand your operations infrastructure and business needs and will maximize performance from your VirtuMedix solution accordingly.


Maximize Accountability

Our VirtuMedix experts work to understand your operations infrastructure and business needs and will maximize performance from your VirtuMedix solution accordingly.

About Us

The VirtuMedix product has been developed with the guidance of many experts, including clinicians, software developers, and industry professionals. Our Clinical Advisory Group is responsible for providing expert guidance and collaboration in product develop of VirtuMedix to ensure the product meets the highest industry standards and needs for medical practitioners.

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